GOLF SCHOOL - golf courses 2019


Introduce yourself to golf – the sport growing in popularity all around the world! On this course, you will learn about the history of golf, the equipment needed, and the rules. You will also learn about golf in the Czech Republic, other options for becoming a member, and where to do it, how much it costs etc. The main part of the course is demonstrating the techniques for all aspects of the game  Try your first golf shots under a trainer’s supervision on the only golf course from which you can see our highest mountain, Sněžka! Trust us, this won’t be the last time with a golf club in your hands – this beautiful sport will captivate you!

Included in the price is:

  • golf club rental
  • 50 practice balls
  • 0,5 l of water for refreshment
  • entry to the practice area
  • Instructor lessons for 2 x 50 minutes


 1 person  1 850 CZK
 2 persons  2 200 CZK
 Family  | 2 adults + children (max. 2 children up to 15 years)  2 200 CZK



Concentrate on achieving and enhancing all skills of an experienced golfer.  We will prepare you to obtain a certificate of golf competence (formally green card), which is required on most golf courses. . We will adjust the training course according to your individual abilities.


  • 1 person – 9 300 CZK
  • Every extra person – 2 300 CZK

Course focus according to player’s individual abilities.      

  • Basic rules of the game
  • Basic golf equipment usage 
  • Professional help with choosing golf equipment
  • Driving technique and practice 
  • Pitching technique and practice
  • Putting technique and practice
  • Playing out of bunkers technique and practice
  • Sloping lies technique and practice 
  • Golf rules and ethics 
  • 6 hole academy play

Included in the price is:

  • golf club rental
  •  50 practice balls for every lesson (10x)
  • 0,5 l of water for refreshment (10x)
  • entry to the practice area
  • Instructor lessons 10 x 50 minutes (must be used within max. 14 days)


Golf academy

Great activity for inexperienced players and beginners, for meeting, training such as teambuilding etc. Golf academy price is variable (depends on the number of players, length of the academy etc.) Introduction to the game, the history, the equipment needed, the rules. golf in the Czech Republic, options of starting, how to become a member, and where, how much it costs etc. Demonstration of the technique of driving, fairway play and putting.

We offer a 20% discount for cash payment.

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