Golf course - 18 holes

The golf course in Mladé Buky has some of the greatest scenery in the country. The resort offers unsurpassed views of the Krkonoše mountains, their peaks Černá hora and Sněžka, and also the beautiful Vraní vrchy and Zvičina Since 2009 the area includes the Grund Resort Golf&Ski, next to which is an 18 hole course /Par 70/, a 6 hole course with practice chipping and putting greens, as well as a covered driving range, including facilities and lighting The original 9 holes were designed by Václav Hrubý (par 34), which underwent partial reconstruction in 2005, and were added to by a further 9 holes (par 36) designed by the company Golfer  in 2009. The new 9 holes offer not only a mix of uniquely designed holes and varying course situations, but also open up the most beautiful views of Sněžka.


Tel.: +420 499 421 950, 954
GSM: +420 604 273 293

Opening hours

Open daily  9AM to 8PM  – driving range and golf course. Opening hours may vary during the season. Please contact the reception for the current opening hours.


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